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One way user experience can most definitely be improved, is by ensuring that your e-commerce website is multilingual. That’s because a multilingual online store allows business owners to reach a huge number of prospects cost-effectively.

What are the benefits?

By using multiple language in your e-commerce website you can push it to it's next level. There are few reasons why you should have it in your online shopping website.

  1. Reach a wider customer base

    Did you know that 75% of non-English speakers around the world?

    Having an e-commerce site that’s readable by thousands or even millions of online shoppers from around the world means you’re instantly increasing the number of visitors to your store.

    Find an area for non-English speaker and help them by adding their language in your site. You can increase your turnover by 10 times targeting different languages.

  2. It gives you an edge over your competitors

    Adopting a multilingual website before your competitors means you’ll be one step ahead and can reach out to a much larger audience before they do.

    Adding an additional 2 languages to your website and get 400% growth in traffic.

  3. Improve customer experience

    Every day hundreds of e-commerce stores go live, backed by aggressive social media advertising. But, what they certainly don’t all keep in mind is making the buying experience as simple as possible for their potential customer.

    Ensuring everything from product descriptions, to the checkout process is translated means you’ve got every chance of making that all important sale.

    Your customers love it when they’re addressed in their native language. It makes them feel more at ease because they can navigate your website effortlessly.

    They can easily understand everything and they won’t have to second guess themselves when making a purchase. As a result, they’ll spend more time browsing your site.

  4. Better online visibility

    When you translate your e-commerce website, you can efficiently improve your rankings on key phrases and terms on major search engines.

    Target the second language. For example, you can choose Hindi as India's second language from the website language view.

  5. Reducing bounce and improving conversion rates

    According to the CSA’s "Can’t Read Won’t Buy" study, 72.1% of consumers spend most or all of their time on websites in their own language.

    This is an indirect way of SEO optimizer. When bounce is reduced, your sell will increase automatically.

  6. Increase sales and revenues

    Did you know that a customer is 3 times more likely to carry out an online transaction when you sell products and services in their native language? That’s because they can better navigate, interact, and understand your site.

  7. Cultivates trust

    According to a survey by the Common Sense Advisory, 75 percent of non-English speaking online shoppers prefer to buy products from a website that uses their native tongue.

    People tend to be more comfortable and trust brands that provide them with specific information in a language that they know and understand. As a result, it will be easier for you to build meaningful relationships with your online customers.

    You create a website that specifically focused to their language means that you’re truly customer-focused and that you do care – this is important in creating an excellent customer-centric experience for them.

How can I make my site multilingual?

  1. Select a online store which supports multilingual.
  2. Make your site live!
  3. Add unlimited language from admin section!

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